Who is Hound Roofing?

In 1993 Needham Hall and Alex Murchison were working at Hanover Iron Works , a family owned roofing  company  in Wilmington, NC. Ambitious and a bit frustrated they founded A&N Roofing after several years at Hanover. They would immediately set about doing things differently than their peers: Quality of service would become the hallmark of A&N’s outstanding reputation delivered by qualified and skilled employees bearing an unblemished record of safety. This nascent upstart maintained an excellent reputation with contractors and building owners as the go-to commercial roofer in the region.  Fast forward to 2020 and Hound Roofing is proud to work with Needham and Alex to continue A&N’s legacy.

Needham Hall, Alex Murchison, Hound Roofing
Needham Hall, Alex Murchison

We do that by practicing The Hound Way – this is our code of ethics and our promise to you. And, we expect you to hold us to these standards.

Trusted.                         When you go to a doctor you place an immense amount of trust in their judgment. With little training or medical experience, we have little choice other than to repose our trust in a medical professional.  Without reaching too far, the principal is identical when you work with a roofer. How do you know you are receiving the best medical/roofing advice? Who should you trust? We humbly suggest you rely on the company which has earned its reputation over decades. We at Hound Roofing epitomize trust, quality, honesty, integrity and dependability throughout our organization; these principles guide us.  Our clients trust us and the source of that trust lies in the fact that we are personally committed to being dependable and trustworthy as individuals.

Professional.                At Hound Roofing being a professional means knowing how to do what we advertise. We participate in training for manufacturer’s certifications and use experience to teach our employees through ongoing mentorship and education. We consider competence as developing a thorough understanding of the basics.   Unforeseen conditions are resolved in the best possible way by starting with the basics and working off that foundation. Referring work that is outside our scope of expertise (“knowing what we don’t know”) to other professionals is one of the highest marks of a professional. We value teamwork and accountability at Hound Roofing.

Responsive.                  We strive for excellent and timely communication to our clients so we are constantly educating ourselves and trying to improve as professionals.  Excellent communication starts with listening more than talking, and we ask a lot of questions and actively listen to the answers to arrive at the best solution. Timely communication means being highly responsive to all inquiries, even if it is a quick acknowledgment and commitment to follow up within 24 hours. If it’s important enough for you to call it’s important enough for us to answer so we staff our calls 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This is Hound Roofing and we look forward to working with you.