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About Hound Roofing, and our Commercial Roofing Services

Meet The Hound Team

When looking for the right fit for all your commercial roofing needs in the Coastal Mid-Atlantic, look no further than Hound Roofing. We’re a group with strong backgrounds in the industry, and the credentials to back up that claim.

Whether you’re looking for a roof maintenance project, new roof, or re-roof installations, we’re here to help. Get to know us and reach out when you’re ready to chat about all things roofing!

Geoffrey Rempel, Owner / Operator

A recovering CPA and Certified Trust Financial Advisor following a successful 20-year career working as a fiduciary and in litigation. Once he retired his green eyeshade and 10-key, he focused on his next passion, which brought him to Wilmington, NC, and the commercial roofing industry.

He holds North Carolina’s Unlimited S (Roofing) license for Hound Roofing (License no. 84344), and the Specialty Roofing – SR4 license in the state of South Carolina (License no. G123465).

A part-time pitcher to his baseball-crazed son, muse to his daughter’s cooking aspirations, and doting husband to his lovely wife, his weekends are happily consumed by any and all of the above.

Jose Vasquez (“Padrino”) is our senior foreman

Padrino is the heart of Hound Roofing. He emigrated to the United States in 1995 when he joined A&N Roofing (the predecessor company to Hound Roofing).

With his three grown men (two of whom work for Hound Roofing), Jose loves spending his weekends working with his hands, watching and playing soccer, and relaxing with his family.

Tom Scott is our Operations Manager

A Marine Corps veteran of 7 years. A roofer’s roofer, Tom has seen just about every roofing type and condition over his 30+ years in the industry.

He joined A&N Roofing (predecessor to Hound Roofing) in 1993 (employee 001) and is the backbone of Hound Roofing. As a man of action, Tom enjoys unplugging on lazy weekend trips to Southport and spending time with his wife.

Anthony Wilkerson our General Manager

A veteran of the US Coast Guard before focusing his career on the roofing trade. Anthony was published in the July/August 2017 edition of “Roofers magazine”

A husband, father, leader and poet, he is also Hound Roofing’s General Manager where he is responsible for our excellent customer satisfaction ratings. After a been-there-done-that career spanning over 30 years in the trade, and running an office for a national roofing company for 7 years Hound Roofing was proud to bring him on board. On weekends, if Anthony is not spending time with his wife and two kids, he is booting around in his Wrangler exploring the coast (usually doing both).


Motto: Always Enthusiastic

Position with Hound Roofing: Master Woofer

Commercial Roofing Services in the Coastal Mid-Atlantic

Hound Roofing specializes in both installing new commercial roof systems, and in servicing and maintaining existing systems to maximize durability and lifespan of aging roofs and roofing structures. The integrity of a roofing system is critical to the successful, uninterrupted operations of a business, and the experience and expertise of Hound Roofing’s dedicated team differentiates Hound from other roofing contractors.

We know all things commercial roofing, and we’re ready to put our decades of experience to work for your benefit, and we have the portfolio to back it up. So, if you’re in coastal NC and VA area and need maintenance, a new roof, re-roofing, or a custom installation, reach out to Hound Roofing or give us a call (910.714.4243).


Hound Roofing is the successor to A&N Roofing which was founded in 1993 by Needham Hall and Alex Murchison. They cultivated qualified and skilled employees while maintaining their premier standing with contractors and building owners in the region. Quality of service is the hallmark of A&N’s outstanding reputation and Hound Roofing is proud to continue this legacy today where key personnel have been with the Company over 20 years.


Hound Roofing maintains a sterling safety rating with Carolinas Roofing and Sheet Metal Association.

Our employees are our family so safety is job no. 1. 

Our crews go through regular safety reviews and inspections, and Hound Roofing has retained a professional safety inspector to ensure industry-best-practices aren’t just encouraged, they are enforced. 


Hound Roofing is proud to be a certified Carlisle Symtec Systems Applicator. Carlisle is the largest manufacturer and supplier of commercial roofing products in the world. This certification acknowledges Hound Roofing as a superior roofing contractor and honors us by offering our customers industry-leading factory warranties. Our ability to provide these warranties means that Carlisle trusts us to professionally install and maintain these products, and to stand behind our work.

Hound Roofing currently serves on the Carlisle 2020 Perfection Council.

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Our Work
Hotels, churches, apartments, office buildings, retail stores and warehouses all depend on high-quality roofing to keep day-to-day operations running smoothly. Regardless of the purpose of your building in Coastal North Carolina, Hound Roofing has your roofing installation and/or roofing repairs and maintenance solutions. Our roofing experience and expertise even applies to outdoor performance venues like our installation at Live Oak Pavilion.

Service Areas
We’re proud to call Wilmington, NC our home, but serving our local community is just one piece of the puzzle. Our roof maintenance, repairs, and new roof installations reach Coastal and Eastern North Carolina, Southport, Raleigh, and Jacksonville, we are also in Coastal Virginia areas.

Contact Us
If you have a new commercial construction project or if your existing roof is ready for repairs and/or maintenance, Hound Roofing is the trusted, professional, responsive roofing contractor servicing Wilmington, Myrtle Beach, and Eastern North Carolina. We are experienced roofing experts who work with you to efficiently implement the best roofing solutions for new and existing commercial roofing projects.

Please call at 910.714.4243 or email us for a complimentary consultation.