What is Custom Metal Roofing?

Boost your property’s curb appeal instantly with new custom metal roofing. Custom roofs look sleek, well-maintained, and beautiful, drawing the eye of new visitors and repeat customers to your business. Even better, metal roofing is long-lasting and requires less maintenance than other roofing materials to stay in excellent condition year after year.

At Hound Roofing, we’ve been providing Virginia, North Carolina, and South Carolina business owners with high-quality commercial roofs for more than 30 years, and our team stays up to date on the latest trends and technologies in commercial roofing. Learn more about the possibilities of custom metal roofing, the options that are available, and how you can get an eye-catching custom metal roof for your property.

Metal Roofing Features Custom Metal Panels for a Long-Lasting Roof

Metal roofs are constructed from individual metal panels that interlock to create a long-lasting, weather-resistant surface that has an excellent finish. One of the most common metal roofing panel designs is long vertical panels that add elegant length to your building’s roof. The vertical panels run from the top of the roof’s ridge to the eaves, and every custom metal roof has panels built to match the existing roofline and structure. Today’s metal roof fabrication processes feature cold-rolled metal components that are cost-effective and simple to customize without losing their long-lasting luster, reliability, and resistance to the elements.

Metal Roofing Panel Options

At Hound Roofing, we offer our commercial roofing clients a wide array of options for complete customization. We’ll meet with you to learn more about your roofing concerns, the layout and configuration of your building, and the equipment housed on your building’s roof. Then we can create custom designs that comply with local building codes and requirements.

Based on your budget and style preferences, you can choose from custom metal roofing panel options like these:

  • Panels with exposed fasteners: These panels attach directly to the underlying framing and overlap. The fasteners are exposed but painted to be minimally visible. This option is fast and cost-effective.
  • Low-profile panels: This option is the signature look for many house-style metal roofs, with long vertical panels and parallel ribbed lines.
  • Standing seam panels: These panels lock together without exposed fasteners. They are strong, resistant to weather damage, and can even expand or contract with fluctuating temperatures for long-term durability.

How Custom Metal Roofing Makes Your Building Exceptional

Some of the benefits of switching to a custom metal roof in the Coastal Mid-Atlantic include the following:

  • Long lifespan: Custom metal roofing can last up to 60 years or even longer with proper preventative maintenance. The custom metal roof panels can stand up against powerful coastal weather, north-moving tropical storms, as well as winter rain and snowfall. Get the peace of mind of stronger roofing that won’t break or blow away in bad weather.
  • Low maintenance demands: Metal roofing doesn’t require the constant upkeep of composite, shingle, or tile roofs. Once installation is complete, you can enjoy your roof with just occasional inspections. This is an excellent choice for busy business owners or commercial property management companies that want to invest in superior solutions that don’t waste time.
  • Environmental friendliness: Many other roofing materials must be thrown away after replacement. But metal roofing can be recycled and repurposed, even after sixty years. This, combined with the extremely long lifespan of the roof, makes it the most sustainable and low-waste option on the market.
  • Energy efficiency: Many communities in our region see hot, sunny summers and cold winters. Equipping your building with the right insulation and energy-efficiency solutions can reduce air conditioning and heating expenses throughout the year. Expect to see approximately 25% energy savings. By reducing your operational costs, you can focus more on maximizing your business’s appeal for businesses and grow more profitably.
  • Customizability: Pick a custom metal roof you love, not just a roof you can make do with. Today’s custom metal roofing options allow commercial building owners to choose just the right style, panel formats, and finish colors for their preferred style. Themed restaurants, luxury service businesses, and custom-constructed offices can each choose a unique roof that’s just right.
  • Roof accessories that are also built to last: A high-quality metal roof can resist the elements and wear and tear throughout the decades. Enhance its durability and long-term appeal with gutters, downspouts, and soffits that are custom-built to match. These auxiliary features help control rainfall and maintain the building envelope.

Hound Roofing Is Here to Help You Choose Roofing Solutions for Your Building

Make your commercial building exceptional with an eye-catching custom metal roof your investors, visitors, or tenants will love. Hound Roofing is your leading local expert in custom metal roofing solutions. Contact us today to schedule an onsite walkthrough or to learn more about your custom roofing options.

Featured Image: Natic / Shutterstock