When’s the Best Time to Replace My Roof?

Every commercial building with a conventional roof needs a new roof every 20 to 30 years. Some roofs need more frequent replacement, while others will need intermittent repairs to protect the building below. If you know it’s time to consider replacing the commercial roof on your building, don’t wait too long. Leaky or worn roofs increase the risk of pest infestations, water damage, and disrepair that jeopardizes the entire structure (and the reputation of your business). However, some seasons are better suited to roof replacement than others.

We’ve been replacing and repairing commercial roofs in the Coastal Mid-Atlantic for over thirty years at Hound Roofing. Our team knows what seasons are the best time for roof replacement and even how to choose the best month for speedy roof replacement that minimizes disruption for your business. Read our quick guide to determine the best time to replace your roof, and then contact our team to schedule your project.

What’s the Best Season to Replace a Roof?

The best time of year to replace roofs all hinges on the weather. Cold, stormy winters have too many weather interruptions, and those storms can continue well into spring. On the other hand, hot summer days can slow down commercial roof repair, especially if you choose a service provider busy with school building maintenance and repairs. Generally, the best time to replace a roof is late spring or early fall.

These two seasonal windows offer relatively temperate weather that won’t cause delays. However, late spring may have heavy rains or sudden hot spells that interrupt big roofing projects. Summer and late spring are also hectic seasons for roofers, meaning you may get more flexibility (and a more affordable quote) in the fall.

What’s the Best Month to Replace Your Roof?

Autumn is the default roofing season in North Carolina, South Carolina, and Virginia. Scheduling your roofing project for September, October, or November benefits you, your roofers, and your customers.

These benefits include:

  • Better weather: The temperature cools down in autumn, making it easier for roofers to work safely throughout the day. It also decreases the risk of a sudden storm halting the work or—even worse—sending water into your building.
  • Better scheduling: A lot of facilities schedule roof repair for the summer, either because of emergencies or seasonal availability. Schools, for example, often schedule hefty repairs for summer breaks. You can avoid that rush when you schedule your job for the fall.
  • Less business disruption: The fall months offer steady revenue for many businesses, but it sits neatly between the back-to-school rush and the holiday season. This is an ideal time to schedule any projects that may make a lot of noise or disrupt shopping.

Do Roof Replacement Costs Change by Season?

Yes! Seasonal availability can significantly impact the total cost of your roofing project, and autumn is the cheapest time to replace roofs. Limited summer availability of contractors and varying material costs will change what you pay for a roof replacement. Many quotes are only valid for a limited time, as prices can change.

Why Now Is the Perfect Time to Replace Your Commercial Roof

Of course, scheduling a roof replacement project as soon as possible is important, especially if the roof is badly damaged. Structural damage, liability, and water damage can all cost far more than paying a premium for summer roofing. However, if you have some time before you need a new room, try to schedule it for the fall. Schedule the job one or two months out to take full advantage of the best time to replace your roof. This allows you to prepare your business for the project and ensures you aren’t paying a premium for emergency replacement.

Turn to Hound Roofing When Your Building Needs a Roof Replacement

With over three decades of experience replacing roofs in North Carolina, South Carolina, and Virginia, our team at Hound Roofing is committed to offering high-quality roofing services year-round. Contact us today to schedule an assessment of your commercial roof or to get a quote for a complete roof replacement.

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