Carlisle Syntec Roofing System Installation

Carlisle Syntec Systems is a trusted, top manufacturer of commercial roofing systems and accessories, backed by industry-leading warranties. Their technical and resource experts furnish our clients with knowledgeable, been-there-done-that experience which is unique in the roofing trade. If you have an unusual condition, give us a call.

Commercial Roofing Products

At Hound Roofing our attention to detail ensures you get top-quality roof installations that stand the test of time. Our company is an authorized applicator certified to install and repair any Carlisle roofing system. Here, we outline some roofing material options you may want to consider. Get in touch with our certified Carlisle applicators to ask about our top-quality commercial products and services.

Thermoplastic Polyolefin (TPO)

This single-ply thermoplastic roofing material is our most popular option for flat roofs considering its durability and high reflectivity. Carlisle Syntec Systems and Hound Roofing have extensive experience with TPO systems. Carlisle’s TPO products have superior weathering abilities to withstand environmental conditions for a long time, ensuring a quality roof installment. The heat-welded seams and reflective properties provide benefits for many building types.

Carlisle’s thick TPO membranes enable roofs to withstand UV rays, heat, and various weather conditions effectively for many years. These systems provide long-term energy efficiency, making them well-suited for the warm, southern climate of coastal Carolina. This benefit helps maintain cool indoor temperatures while reducing your energy bills.

In addition to the long-lasting durability of this roofing system, Carlisle offers industry-leading warranties covering their products for up to 30 years. And, they have more available colors than other TPO manufacturers, ensuring you can find the option that fits your style needs as well as your functional requirements.

Some of the many benefits of TPO roofing systems include:

  • Impact resistance
  • Class 4 hail rating
  • Fire resistance
  • Heat, Ozone, and UV resistance
  • Chemical resistance
  • Puncture resistance
  • Wide variety of colors

Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC)

Some rooftops require innovative solutions to unique problems. Carlisle Syntec Systems have single-ply PVC membranes that can save you money, time, and labor on your roof installation. The mechanically-fastened assemblies offer reliable protection from the wind and other weather conditions. The ease of installation and repair makes it an ideal roofing material for many commercial buildings.

This material has a low thermal conductivity, minimizing heat transfer to the inside of your property. PVC is also resistant to grease, fire, animal fats, bacteria, and chemicals. This feature makes it a good choice for restaurants that emit oils or fats through the ventilation systems or buildings with grease traps on the roofs.

Some benefits of PVC roofing include:

  • Energy efficiency
  • Straightforward installation
  • Easy repairs
  • Grease, oil, and animal fat resistance
  • Impact resistance
  • Various thicknesses, colors, and sizes
  • Oxidation, UV, and ozone resistance
  • Chemical resistance
  • Puncture resistance
  • Recyclable material

Ethylene Propylene Diene Terpolymer (EPDM)

With a long history of proven performance, this roofing system offers many advantages for your buildings. A black EPDM membrane dries faster than light-colored roofing systems, reducing the possibility of condensation. A light-colored option will decrease your North Carolina property’s cooling needs without sacrificing performance.

When you fully adhere the system to the building, it provides exceptional stability in hurricane-prone areas. This roofing type also offers superior UV and hail damage resistance. The versatility and sustainability of Carlisle’s EPDM membranes provide energy-efficient, top-performing roofs for various building types.

Some advantages to using EPDM roofing systems include:

  • Lightweight
  • Long-lasting
  • Less expensive repairs
  • Least costly installation
  • Lighter membranes have reflective properties that reduce air conditioning needs
  • Ozone and hail resistance

North Carolina Commercial Roofing Professionals

Authorized applicators must undergo specific additional training to work with Carlisle’s high-quality roofing systems. As an authorized applicator of Carlisle Syntec Systems, Hound Roofing has the expertise to install membranes that fulfill all the needs of your next roofing project. Working with Carlisle’s range of single-ply roofing materials, warranties, and waterproofing features, we can install superior products that optimize the performance of your roof and protect your livelihood from unexpected damages.

When you choose Carlisle products for your new roof, you gain the peace of mind that comes with their industry-leading warranty protection options. You can cover issues like leak repairs, hail damage, wind destruction, and accidental puncture. Comprehensive inspections ensure the roof installation quality to let you move forward with confidence, knowing you have the best products installed by top roofing experts.

With more than 30 years of experience in the industry, the professionals at Hound Roofing are honest, dependable, and trustworthy. Our staff provides the highest-quality work to ensure a long-term, sustainable roofing solution that saves you money over time by avoiding frequent repairs or early replacements.

We provide:

  • New roof installations
  • Re-roofing services
  • Roof system repairs
  • Maintenance and ongoing roof care
  • Skilled employees
  • Sterling safety rating
  • Best in class warranties
  • Outstanding customer service

The roof of your building protects your business from many potential disasters and financial losses. An investment in our services and Carlisle’s top-rated roofing materials offer you a high-quality installation that will stand the tests of time, weather, heat, sun, and more. When you combine the best roofing membranes with the top roofing professionals, your rooftop is sure to last. Call us at 910.799.6723 or send a message online to get started choosing your new Wilmington, North Carolina roof today.

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