Commerical Roof Coverage Options

You invested significant money into the roof of your business. It is essential to maintain your system correctly to guarantee continued performance, safety, and durability. A well-maintained roof protects your commercial real estate, preventing potential losses and operational interruptions.

Hound’s Commercial Roof Coverage Program

A regular inspection program extends the life of your roofing system. Hound Roofing’s Commercial Cover Program is a preventative service plan that saves you money by limiting the necessity for costly repairs in the future. When you invest in our program, our expert roofing professionals will:

  • Perform a thorough inspection of your roof system
  • Assess the current condition of your roof
  • Repair any minor issues or leaks
  • Clear your drainage system of any impediments
  • Provide a detailed report with actionable findings so you can budget limited capital
  • Offer recommendations for continued care and maintenance

With consistent visits from our crews, you will enjoy peace of mind knowing no hidden issues or surprises are lurking on your rooftop. Ongoing maintenance saves you money, lengthens the life of your roof, and addresses any concerns, enhancing the overall performance of your system.

Preventative Maintenance Program

Following your initial roof survey, Hound Roofing professionals visit your property regularly to perform inspections as recommended and agreed. We check the many components of your system to guarantee a thorough job that protects your commercial building. Some of the areas we address include:

  • Inspecting the flashings and perimeter of your roof
  • Ensuring proper drainage and spotting ponding water
  • Looking for potential damage from weather events in your area
  • Offering proactive measures to prepare for changing seasons
  • Checking your interior walls and ceilings for signs of water damage as needed
  • Creating reports to document our findings

Commercial Roof Maintenance Services

Our experienced staff knows the signs that help identify leaks and other roofing problems. We provide remediation services to prevent additional damage and restore the condition of your roofing system. Our knowledgeable roofing contractors have the skills to address the many elements of your roofing structure, such as:

  • Edging, trim, and fascia
  • Flashing condition
  • Roof penetrations
  • Gutters, drains, and downspouts
  • Standing water issues
  • Expansion joint covers
  • Damage from storms

Customized Recommendations

Our roofing specialists recommend helpful services and actions based on the inspection of your roof. When you invest in Hound’s Commercial Roof Coverage Program, we create a customized plan that keeps your roofing system in prime condition. Some suggestions may include:

  • Cleaning and debris removal
  • Repairing leaks
  • Removing standing water
  • Fixing seals
  • Addressing caulk terminations

After reviewing our inspection report and recommendations, we work with you to outline a course of action that works with your needs and budget. We personalize your plan and schedule for your unique requirements.

Regularly Scheduled Visits

The nature and frequency of your roofing system inspections depend on many factors, including:

  • The type of roofing system
  • The weather in your area
  • The recent storms or natural events
  • The age of your roof
  • The condition of your roofing surface

Professional Expertise

You may feel you can assess your commercial roof and identify potential issues yourself. However, this process is best completed by experienced roofing professionals. Our expert staff knows what to look for and may find things you miss. If roofing issues go undetected, they can cause interruptions to your business operations, costing you thousands in lost productivity.

Benefits of Routine Roofing Maintenance

Your roof performs an integral role in protecting your commercial assets. Preserving roofing systems ensures your physical business structure remains free of costly damage and operational delays. When you enroll in Hound’s Commercial Roof Coverage Program, you gain the following benefits from our services:

  • We identify potential problems.
  • We correct minor issues before they become expensive obstacles.
  • We ensure the safety of your customers and employees.
  • We prolong the life of your roof.
  • We save you money by preventing significant concerns down the road.
  • We improve the performance and efficiency of your roofing systems.
  • We offer professional advice and assistance in maintaining your building.
  • We lower the cost of your repairs by fixing small problems and reducing the severity of any issues.
  • We raise the value of your commercial property.
  • We minimize the amount of time needed to maintain your system by servicing it at regular intervals.
  • We sustain the attractive exterior appearance of your building.
  • We prevent premature roof replacements.

Hound Roofing Excellence

Our difference stands out among the rest. You get many advantages when you work with our roofing company, such as:

  • Prompt responses to inquiries
  • Expert assessments of your property
  • Reputable services
  • Excellence in quality
  • Extensive knowledge and experience
  • Safe, honest, trusted team members
  • Certified Carlisle SynTec Systems applicators
  • Industry-leading roofing contractors
  • Factory warranties
  • Expert installation, repair, and maintenance services
  • Live operators available 24 hours a day
  • Emergency services 
  • Regular roof maintenance plans

Best Professional Roof Maintenance

Our company provides top-quality services the coastal Carolinas, and surrounding areas. We save you money and time by creating a maintenance schedule that keeps your roof looking and performing its best. Our expert service crews have the training and experience to increase the life of your system and minimize expensive repair or replacement needs.

It pays to protect your investment, so your company continues to grow. Proactively caring for your roof reduces your overall costs and eliminates many potential frustrations. Contact the reliable professionals of Hound Roofing today at 910-799-6723 to schedule a consultation and get a quote for your commercial roof maintenance program.

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