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At Hound Roofing you should be entirely satisfied with our service and responsiveness, whether you contracted for a new roof installation, or just called with a question about a leak. There are many things no professional can predict, but as a valued Hound Roofing client you should know that we always stand behind our work.

Our technicians specialize in investigative techniques and remediation processes to ensure that your structure remains in peak operation and condition. And, when you join our proprietary Commercial Coverage Program, you are reducing your stress and worry by ensuring a professional is on your roof on a regular basis.

Leak Investigation and Remediation

A leak inside your building, especially from the ceiling, is never a good sign. Leaks often suggest damage to your facility’s roof. The problem can be as minor as a failing seal or puncture, to as significant as a rotting deck or masonry problems.

While some business owners believe a small leak is nothing to worry about, choosing to wait until a more significant issue appears is always a mistake. Pushing problems off, especially a water issue, leads to more serious and expensive problems, including mold and structural damage, and increasing costs to remediate the condition.

Instead of pushing the maintenance off, choose Hound Roofing to come and investigate the problem. With decades of experience, our roofing professionals have an eye for issues and solutions. You don’t want to trust just anyone with your roof remediation; you want problem solvers with experience and knowledge.

Warranty Repairs

When your business experiences roof damage, it is vital to find your specific roofing system’s authorized applicator to avoid any potential warranty problems. Reputable roofing system manufacturers work only with qualified, reputable roofing companies that are trained in the installation and application of their systems. Hiring a business or contractor who is not an authorized applicator can result in the dissolution of any warranty agreement, meaning you will be paying for the roof repair out-of-pocket, and you may inadvertently void your warranty.

One of the largest manufacturers and suppliers of roofing materials and products for commercial properties is Carlisle Syntec Systems. Hound Roofing has a longstanding partnership with this manufacturer and is an authorized installer.

Hound Roofing’s Commercial Cover Program

Here at Hound Roofing, we want to make sure our clients stay on top of roof maintenance and get the most out of your roofing system. To help, we developed a proprietary solution: Hound’s Commercial Cover Program. As an investment for your business, you can’t go wrong. The preventative maintenance program has everything you would need or expect from a professional protection program.

Upon enrollment in the Commercial Cover Program, one of our expert team members will schedule an assessment of your roof. Upon arrival, they will perform a detailed inspection of the roof to determine any points of deterioration, defects, or compromised components and develop a baseline to points of condition. If possible, they will make immediate spot repairs to limit any further damage to the structure.

After completing the initial assessment, the roofing expert will present you with a client-specific plan for roofing maintenance and upkeep, including a schedule. 

The roofing expert will discuss each recommendation with you and your team to determine a schedule that works for you. Enrollment in Hound Roofing’s Commercial Cover Program ensures that you can rest easy knowing that your investment maximizes your systems useful life and reduces the total cost of maintaining your roof.

Commercial Applications

While Hound Roofing has plenty of experience providing roofing services to warehouses, industrial complexes, and restaurants, those are not the only businesses we cater to. No matter your commercial roofing needs, Hound has you covered, from new roof installations to service and maintenance and even re-roof installations.

Apartment Buildings

Apartment buildings can provide a unique challenge to management companies. With the variety of roofing styles, tenant requirements, and multiple properties in one complex, it can be challenging to determine the needs of the residential complex. Hound Roofing has an expert team with qualified roofing investigators and installers. With multiple buildings to care for, it can be a struggle to determine which are most in need.

Contact Hound Roofing to schedule an assessment of your property. The inspector will walk each building and roof to determine the needs of each. At the end of their inspection, they will present you with a plan that will include a timeline of urgent, medium- and long-term needs.

As the client, you are always in control of the work we do. However, our team will ensure that you know what work is essential to your complex’s roofing system(s).


While businesses do not have the same building codes or regulations as residential facilities, roofing expectations are fairly standard across the board. Unfortunately, many businesses have drop ceilings, making it hard to tell when there is a problem. Most often, when you notice water spots on the ceiling, the leak above has had some time to develop. The best thing you can do as a business is schedule routine and annual inspections. You can save some money if you enroll in the Commercial Cover Program. The regular visits you receive from Hound Roofing will ensure the health and safety of your roofing structure, saving you money in the long run and extending its life.

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When was the last time you had a roof inspection done on your facility? Keeping up with inspections and maintenance is critical to maintaining the life and integrity of your roofing system. Contact a Hound Roofing representative to schedule an inspection or maintenance service.

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