Truco Roof Coatings

Maintaining your business’s roof is a crucial step in building management. A well-maintained roof protects your business, equipment, and employees from natural hazards such as rain, ice, snow, and extreme heat. The roof is a critical part of your building and fundamental to your operations. Therefore, a small roof leak can be devastating to your business and your customers. Due to this, roof inspections and repairs, and replacement is a priority.

You’ll want an authorized commercial roof installer like Hound Roofing to ensure that you have a high-quality roof installation that’ll last long.

At Hound Roofing, we are TRUCO coatings authorized installers that can help you renew your weathered roof and give it a whole new transformation. TRUCO coatings can protect your roof and extend its lifespan by creating a seamless membrane that covers it from ponding water, UV rays, and weather deterioration. We offer various commercial roofing services to fit your business needs and budget.

Why Choose TRUCO Coatings

Before investing in roofing systems, you should first understand the benefits they bring to your business. At Hound Roofing, we strive to protect what matters to you. If you’re planning on renovating your commercial roof, you should consider TRUCO coatings.

● Cost-effective: With TRUCO coatings, you will not have to go through the whole roof replacement and structural changes. This saves your business a lot of cash you would have spent on labor and other expenses. Instead, you’ll pay just a portion of what a whole roof replacement would cost. TRUCO coatings reflect UV rays and help you save on AC utility.

● Easy installation: Our experienced team ensures that there is minimal disruption to your regular business operations.

● Warranty: TRUCO coatings are designed to seamlessly integrate with your existing roof, extending the roof’s life by 10-20 years, or more with proper and regular maintenance. In addition to extending your roof’s lifespan, you can rest assured that your investment is protected with one of the best warranties available. If your warranty is close to expiring,

our team can apply an additional layer of coating to extend your roof’s life and give you another 10 – 20 year warranty, or more.

Types of TRUCO Coatings

TRUCO coatings come in various formulations and can be applied to virtually any existing roofing substrate. Here are the different types of TRUCO coatings:

Sure Seal® Silicone Coatings

Sure Seal Silicone Coatings can be applied without a primer and seal out all roof leaks while protecting your roof from future damage and extreme temperatures. With Silicone Roof Coatings, you’ll enjoy the following benefits:

● Easy installation

● Energy-saving capability

● Flexibility

● Water-resistant

● Avoid costly replacements

● Zero downtime

Polyurethane Coatings

Polyurethane Coatings form a protective coating that helps your roof withstand natural expansion and contractions. Known for their flexibility, they can hold up well against the damaging effects of water. Technically, Polyurethane Coatings can protect both commercial and industrial surfaces and are more impact-resistant.

Acrylic Coatings

Acrylic coatings are applicable on a wide range of materials, from concrete to masonry, where creating an aesthetic appeal is vital. They can be used in several structural challenges. Therefore, you’re sure to find something that will fit your business needs.

Eterna-Seal® Rubber Coatings

With fluctuating weather and UV Rays damaging your commercial roof, Eterna-Seal® Rubber Coatings offer structural stability and lasting protection. Eterna-Seal is available at an affordable price and built for refined performance to meet your roofing needs.

There is a wide diversity of roof coatings. It is essential to talk to TRUCO coatings authorized roof installer experts who will help you choose the best option for your roof regarding commercial roof coating. You’ll get professional help in determining the perfect choice for your commercial property.

Why Choose Hound Roofing

When you work with us, you can be confident that your commercial property is in the hands of trusted professionals. With our over three decades of experience in the commercial roofing industry and quality service delivery, we can help you get suitable TRUCO coatings based on the weather conditions in your area. By working with Hound Roofing, you’re sure of:

Dedicated professionals

● Regularly trained workmanship

● More than 30 years of experience

● Durable coating systems

Proven reputation

● Premier commercial roofer on the coast by standing behind every job with white-glove service

● Best-in-class warranties


● Excellent and timely communication to meet your business needs

● Highly responsive to all your inquiries

● 24/7 emergency roof service

Trusted experts

● We have a sterling reputation for quality services

● Receive honest advice about your roofing structure

● We are committed to being dependable and trustworthy

Transform Your Business with Our Dedicated TRUCO Coatings Installers

UV rays, ponding water, and other harsh weather conditions may damage your commercial roof, significantly affecting your operations and brand. Enlisting a TRUCO coatings authorized installer can help you extend the life of your roof, increase energy efficiency, and reduce your expenses. When it comes to maintaining your commercial roof due to age or extensive damage, it is vital to make sure that you choose a roofing company with the experience and technical expertise to give you a long-lasting roof. That’s why our experts are more than willing to exceed your expectations.

Get in touch with us today, and our experts will ensure that your commercial building remains at its peak best all the time.