The Hound Way

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Chances are that you never go on your roof. But, this is one of the most expensive investments you will make in your building. You need someone you can trust; a company that has a sterling reputation for quality and gives honest advice about your roofing structure. Hound Roofing epitomizes trust, quality, honesty, integrity, and dependability; these principles guide us. Our clients trust us and the source of that trust lies in the fact that we are personally committed to being dependable and trustworthy as individuals and as a Company.


At Hound Roofing being a professional means knowing how to do what we advertise. We participate in training for certifications and use the experience to teach the inexperienced through regular and ongoing mentorship and education. There are plenty of companies that moonlight in the roofing trade, but too many do not stand behind their workmanship. Hound Roofing has been roofing eastern Carolina commercial and residential buildings for over 30 years and earned its reputation as the premier commercial roofer on the coast by standing behind every job with white-glove service and best-in-class warranties.


We strive for excellent and timely communication with every customer. We listen more than talk so we ask a lot of questions and actively listen to the answers to arrive at the best solution. Timely communication means being highly responsive to all inquiries, even if it is a quick acknowledgment and commitment to follow up within 24 hours. We’ve got live operators available 24/7 for emergency calls. If it’s important enough for you to call, it’s important enough for us to answer.

24/7 Emergency Roof Service.

Every roof is unique, as is every building owner’s goals for their property. 

We work with you and/or your design professionals to develop a solution that meets your unique needs, goals, and budget.

Addressing specifications such as:

  • What is the frequency and type of roof traffic?
  • How important are roof aesthetics?
  • Will there be any equipment installed on this roof, such as HVAC?
  • How does the geographic location (e.g., coastal, inland, etc.) impact the suggested roofing materials?
  • Do climate and environmental conditions impact roof choice?
  • Are there any local building codes and/or restrictions that affect roof choice?