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Our services include:

Hound Roofing provides skilled services, roof installations, and repairs for all your commercial roofing needs. Our highly trained professionals have the experience to ensure a quality result that stands the test of time. Our long-standing reputation in the community speaks to our exceptional work, backed by best-in-class warranties for your peace of mind.

Why Choose Hound Roofing Maintenance Services?

As the premier roofing company in North Carolina, our staff has professional relationships with building owners and contractors in the Southport, NC, area. Our roofers attend ongoing training to ensure you always get the best possible service. Whether you need repairs, maintenance, custom metal crafting, or a new roof installation, we have the expertise to help your property stay in top condition.

Re-Roof Installation

Proper care of your roof involves routine checks to look for signs of wear and tear. You may need to re-roof your property if you have evidence of standing water, loose sections, moisture build-up under the roofing membrane, or leaks and tears. Our experts can assess your current roof to determine if you need repairs or replacement.

Service and Maintenance

When you use our commercial roofing systems in Southport, NC, you benefit from warrantied repairs for many roofing issues. Our professionals have extensive experience identifying leaks and making the necessary repairs. We locate the source of water intrusion and fix it to prevent future damage and potential mold problems.

To keep your roofing in great shape, invest in our Commercial Cover Program. Our roofers perform routine examinations of your property to look for possible issues and correct them before any damages occur. We prevent clogged drains, offer spot repairs, and give you a detailed report of your roof’s condition so that you know its current condition and what to expect in the coming years.

Custom Metal Crafters

As a leading metal-craft manufacturer, we offer quality solutions for your siding, gutters, trim, and roofing. When you choose Hound Roofing’s metal crafting, you can expect your roof to last 30 years.

Trust the Hound Roofing Pros for Your Next Roofing Project in Southport, NC

You want only the best roof to protect your business from storms, wind, and weather. When you work with Hound Roofing, you ensure quality roof installations and repairs for a durable, long-lasting solution for your commercial property. Our company provides the top roofing services in Southport. Contact us today to discover the Hound Way.



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